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Statement of Service

Our programming systems are set up to efficiently manufacture both production work and prototypes. We are primarily a high-precision production company. Using multiple shifts we are able to provide quick turnarounds with no sacrifice of quality. Our machines utilize "Ball Lock" fixture patterns, which expedites set up and provides precise, constant quality parts. We give added value to our customers by supplying defect-free parts with timely delivery. This enables our customers to control inventory costs while maintaining a high degree of flexibility in manufacturing schedules.

We use SURF-CAM 3-D Plus CAD/CAM and SIRIUS NCVerify & Virtual Control to create and verify our CNC processes. We work directly from the customer's electronic data files when available. We are a beta site for SURFCAM and SIRIUS to advance the integration of these software packages. Our Engineering team has experience with a dozen different CAD/CAM systems, creating post processors and programming/machining up to 6-axis machine tools, ranging from micro to macro machinery.

We are ready to assist you from design conception through production. Our technical assistance is available at our site or at your facility. Often we can suggest modifications that reduce production costs. As SURFCAM is now a Gold Partner with Solid Works, we are looking forward to the integrated release of SURFCAM SOLIDS. At that time we will be acquiring Solid Works for designing, and for times when IGES or DXF files are not available. With this addition we can implement our aggressive but practical ideas into a fully integrated design through manufacturing facility.

We are in the process of creating a fully integrated paper less system throughout the company. The system will include quoting, designing, manufacturing, shipping, receiving, quality assurance (ISO 9000) and accounting. Our quality assurance systems meet military specification MIL-I-45208. We are an approved source for government contractors.

D.A.M. Good Eng/Mfg Inc. has made a commitment to provide full service value to its customers. Value goes beyond pricing, it includes a positive and enthusiastic attitude toward all customer needs. Delivery on schedule, technical service and fast response to customer requests. Superior product quality and a strong desire to serve are all integral parts of our commitment. We believe that creating a fully integrated Business, Design, Manufacturing System in partnership with vendors and customers will allow us to create a model factory for the future, right now.

Respectfully submitted,
David A. McMillan